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Jason Jimenez, at Midwest Drafting, has done some very complicated drawings for us, and they really look great. Justin Poplin, Lathrop & Gage LLP


We take great pride in the quality of our patent drafting services, our delivered product and our superb customer relationships. Our customers can’t help but agree!

Talented, Professional and Friendly

I was immediately drawn to Midwest Drafting because I liked the idea of working with someone else in Iowa.  I’ve worked with Jason Jimenez for five years and in that time he’s prepared utility, design and trademark drawings for me.

Jason’s work is of the highest quality.  Many times, he can draft what I’m describing without an undue amount of back and forth.  His suggestions for drawings are always spot on and if something needs to be changed, he changes it – immediately.

I often give Midwest Drafting last minute projects.  They always deliver when they say they will regardless of the time frame. Jason is talented, professional, and friendly.  If anyone asks about draftsmen, I recommend him.

Kathryn Cox, Patent Attorney

Bates & Bates Law Firm

Work is Perfect, Always on Time, Flawless

I’ve worked with Midwest Drafting for over ten years.  Our working relationship has been effortless and very enjoyable. There could not be a better partner.

The competency and integrity of Jason Jimenez has proven those qualities to be core to his personal and professional life.

Jason’s work is perfect, always on time, flawless, and with a great deal of his personal attention to detail. You can count on Jason to commit his total attention to every project. He takes ownership. That is simply unheard of in contemporary business.

His professional, intellectual, and personal skill sets far exceed my needs. He has picked up my business orientation and it saves us significant time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his drafting talents to anyone looking for patent drafting services.

Chip Mayberry, Owner

Developer’s Fitness, LLC

Complicated Drawings. . .They Really Look Great

We’ve found Midwest Drafting pays very close attention to detail while creating artistic drawings. They are very realistic and clear. Jason Jimenez has done some very complicated drawings for us, and they really look great.

Justin Poplin, Patent Attorney

Lathrop & Gage LLP

Always Top-Notch

We were introduced to Midwest Drafting ten years ago by the Knobbe Martens Law Firm.  Jason’s quality of work is always top-notch, and he is able to work efficiently and yet with great detail. This was tested during the rush of filings just before “First to File” took effect. I would recommend Midwest Drafting for any patent services.

Laura Johnson, Vice President of Intellectual Property

DexCom, Inc.

Prompt and Very Responsive

About eight years ago, I gave Midwest Drafting’s service a try.  One project was all I needed to decide they would get my business when I need patent suitable drawings.  Besides doing accurate work on the first try, Jason Jimenez has been very helpful at times in spotting subtleties in a device when the client provides photos from which drawings are to be created.  Jason is also willing to investigate a technology with online research to get perspective on the drawing project.

When Midwest Drafting has begun work on a project, they are prompt with the work and very responsive to requests for additions and revisions, including on short deadlines when the need arises.  I am quite satisfied with their work and have no reservations in recommending their services to others.

Allan L. Harms, Patent Attorney

Shuttleworth & Ingersoll PLC